DeepSec 2015 Talk: Extending a Legacy Platform Providing a Minimalistic, Secure Single-Sign-On-Library – Bernhard Göschlberger & Sebastian Göttfert

Sanna/ October 8, 2015/ Conference, Development, Security

Upgrading existing infrastructure and migrating from one architecture to another is often the way to keep your information technology up-to-date. Changing major revisions of software is not for the faint of heart. Many sysadmins sacrificed a good portion of their life force just to jump to the next version. Sometimes you are simply stuck. Code is not always maintained. Products might be obsolete. Developers might have abandoned the project. However the application is still in place and keeps on working. When changes hit this kind of environment, you can’t decline the challenge. Meet the legacy systems that will ruin your day. Bernhard Göschlberger and Sebastian Göttfert have spent thoughts on this problem. They will tell you all about it in their presentation at DeepSec 2015. Well elaborated principles of software engineering foster interoperability between

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