DeepSec 2015 Videos are being published!

René Pfeiffer/ January 20, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference

As you may have noticed, we have sorted out the problems with the DeepSec 2015 recordings. Handling heavy multimedia files isn’t for the faint of heart – especially if one forgets to turn off the Twitter notifications while uploading broken video files. We have fixed this. Apparently the new uploader code took us (and our browser settings) by surprise. Now everything is whitelisted sorted out. The show can go on! We will accompany most videos with a short blog posting to put the content into perspective. Due to many publications in December it’s good to connect the dots. The Big Picture beats Big Data every time.

DeepSec Conference Videos

René Pfeiffer/ May 27, 2011/ Administrivia, Conference

Finally we found some time to sort through the video recording legacy of past DeepSec conferences. We’ve been asked for video material repeatedly since we record all talks held at DeepSec (except those where the speaker does not want to be published on video). Let me explain what the state of our video archive is. All video recordings were done by different teams consisting of video professionals, volunteers from Metalab and students of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. We used different camera equipment, sound feeds due to changes with the audio system on-site and various storage media because of different digital cameras on-site. The videos of DeepSec 2007 are on Google Video since June 2008. We have re-added them to our internal archive, and we noticed that killab66661 has added the videos

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