DeepSec 2016 Talk: Machine Duping – Pwning Deep Learning Systems – Clarence Chio

Sanna/ September 6, 2016/ Conference, Security

Give a man a computer, and you 0wn him for a day. Teach a man to employ machine learning, and he will have to battle Skynet for a lifetime. This quote might not be the exact copy of the original, but it will do. Machine now learn stuff. Hence the are of machine learning is the new playground for start-ups, old school companies, researchers, and hackers, of course. A new era of sapiosexual attraction to artificial minds has begun. Information security is not spared. Algorithms have long been a part of defence. Now they are being used with machine learning. Since algorithms and machines run on networked computers, they can be attacked. At DeepSec 2016 Clarence Chio will explain to you how it can be done. Deep learning and neural networks have gained incredible

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