Talk: Attack UPnP – The Useful plug and pwn protocols

René Pfeiffer/ June 18, 2011/ Security

Most firewall admins are quite allergic to Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). This is why it is usually turned off. Arron „Finux“ Finnon explains what UPnP can do. Its intended use is to facilitate data transmissions of UPnP-capable devices, meaning that these devices and software can use UPnP to poke holes into NAT devices and firewalls. Enabling UPnP a spare router with a free Wi-Fi network enables you to learn a lot about your neighbours. You can do device enumerating and identify devices requesting. And this is just the beginning. UPnP solved their security problems by not implying any security It’s a bit like Bonjour, a bit like mDNS, a bit like this and that. From the security point of view it’s a nightmare. There’s no authentication and no authorisation. UPnP will happily do

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