Talk: Windows Pwn 7 OEM – Owned Every Mobile?

René Pfeiffer/ September 19, 2011/ Conference

Windows Phone is an operating system for mobile phones. Similar to other operating systems it has security features such as sandboxing applications, APIs for exchanging data across applications and isolation of storage built in. It also offer methods for encrypting data on the phone itself. There’s more documentation out in the Internet or directly available at Microsoft’s web site. So, this is good, right? In theory, yes. In practice currently very little public information is available about Windows Phone 7 OS security preventing adequate determination of the risk exposed by WP7 devices. This does not refer to the documentation. It’s all about assessing risks, and risk assessment can’t be done by looking at APIs. Alex Plaskett will talk about WP7 security in-depth. He will address the ever increasing challenges and stages of exploitation an

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