Interaction between Security and Hierarchies

René Pfeiffer/ January 22, 2012/ Security

You all know hierarchies. You use them, you work within them and you are probably part of one. This is also true for IT staffers or even freelancers dealing with security issues. Usually there is a team/project leader, a CEO, a CIO and all kinds of specialists from other departments (if the company or organisation is bigger). While the „chain of command“ may not be important during daily routine, it is tremendously critical when incidents happen or when the infrastructure is prepared against compromise. More often than not security-aware admins and developers experience the „override by pointy haired boss“ effect. Checks and balances are great, the budget might confirm this, but once you deviate from routine there’s the nasty blame game. That’s when hierarchies turn to bite you in the back. Time spent on

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