DeepSec 2022 Talk: Auditing Closed Source Trusted Applications for Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE)- Hector Marco & Fernando Vano

Sanna/ August 31, 2022/ Conference

Smartphones have become essential devices for carrying out many daily activities, including security-sensitive tasks such as authentication and payments. The security of sensitive data in modern mobile devices relies on hardware-enabled Trusted Execution Environments, amongst which ARM TrustZone is one of the most widely used. Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE) is one of the most widespread commercial TEE solutions in the smartphone space, used by many devices such as Xiaomi, Motorola and several devices of the Google Nexus and Pixel series. In order to audit the QSEE environment, security researchers have to face distinct challenges. On the one hand, the software components of QSEE (i.e., trusted operating system and trusted applications) are not open sourced and can be quite complex, which requires a considerable extent of reverse engineering efforts to conduct analysis and to

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