DeepSec 2022 Talk: Cypher Query Injection – The New “SQL Injection” We Aren’t Aware Of – Noy Pearl

Sanna/ September 8, 2022/ Conference

How often do you hear about injections? Probably a lot. And probably most of them are familiar to you and chances are that you are tired of hearing about another SQL injection that was recently found. Graph Databases (e.g. Neo4j, RedisGraph, Amazon Neptune) which are becoming increasingly popular don’t use SQL, but you can still achieve an injection and even go beyond that. We are going to learn how by manipulating legitimate database functionalities we are able to leverage an injection in Cypher Query to attack the database (DoS), leak sensitive files (RFI) , access protected endpoints (SSRF)  and leverage our attack to perform lateral movement and escalate to other machines as well. We’ll sum up with remediation & mitigation steps and show a ready-to-use open-source playground that was created so you could exploit Graph Databases

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