Talk: FakeAntiVirus – Journey from Trojan to a Persisent Threat

René Pfeiffer/ October 26, 2011/ Conference

You run the latest software defending you against malicious code. You have your best filters deployed. Your firewalls are tight as granite. Your crypto is flawless. Your authentication is watertight. But you’re still being attacked and have probably been compromised. What happened? There’s always the attack vector through social engineering. Combine this with a web site or a dialogue box that warns your staff about a potential security breach and tricks them into installing code manually, most commonly by disguising as Anti Virus software (hence the name FakeAntiVirus). Infection can be done by browser plug-in / add-on (think toolbars or other convenient items) or more complex means. Once the tool is installed, it takes control of your system(s), phones home or does other tasks as told by its new owner. Provided the cover is

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