DeepSec 2023 preliminary Schedule published

René Pfeiffer/ August 25, 2023/ Administrivia, Conference

The schedule for DeepSec 2023’s first version has been published. We are still stuck in reviews, so there will be some more updates in the coming weeks. Especially the third track with technical sessions and presentations will see some updates. Read some more on the technical track in one of our next blog articles. We received a lot of submissions, so we are very grateful for your support and the great ideas you sent us. Because of the limitations of our schedule, the reviewers had a hard time making a selection. The final status of all submissions will be sent to all submitters within the next few days. The following weeks will feature every presentation in more detail with an interview or an article about the content. The mix of topics is definitely the

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DeepSec 2022 Focus Topics and an almost final Schedule

René Pfeiffer/ September 5, 2022/ Administrivia, Conference

If you are a regular visitor of our conference or our blog, then you probably know about the different phases of our schedule. We are now in the preliminary stage. Reviews are still being done, and we sort out questions to and answer from our speakers. You may have noticed the free slots. These are still under review. Hopefully, we will have everything sorted out in the course of the next weeks. DeepSec has some internal rules for reviewing presentation submissions. We usually do not accept persons of the same organisation, so that one organisation can have one presentation in the programme. This makes the reviews hard, because you always send us top quality material. We could easily conduct two or three conferences instead of one. For 2022, we have accepted multiple speakers from

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Scuttlebutt – Summer in the city, reviews, and more security content

René Pfeiffer/ August 22, 2021/ Scuttlebutt

Dear readers, gossip has been a bit rare in the past weeks. This was because of the intense summer heat here in Vienna. The opposite of the chill factor made working in the hot city extremely difficult. Additionally, we tackled dealing with backend archaeology. A part of our internal application for managing the call for papers, the reviews, and the schedule celebrates its 10th birthday. I like code that runs smoothly despite platform updates, but now is the time for some changes. And no, we do not expose the code to the Internet. You can stop looking for it. 😉 We just finished the major part of reviews of the submissions. It always takes a while, given that we start with the final review in August. Contacting people during Summer adds extra round trip

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DeepSec 2019 Preliminary Schedule is online

René Pfeiffer/ August 14, 2019/ Conference

We have reviewed all submissions, and we have published the preliminary schedule. It wasn’t easy to pick, because we received more submission than in the years before. Even though we start the reviews early, as soon as they arrive, it usually takes a couple of days to get to a stable version. The process is very similar to other forms of content creation with components, such as software development, or creative/technical writing. The most important fact is the preliminary schedule of DeepSec 2019. You can view it online. We are working on a new calendar export, so that you can view it on the go as well. Some slots are still vacant. The reason is the ongoing review process, and cancellations due to conflicts regarding our speakers. We will fill the remaining slots during

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DeepSec2016: 0patch – Self-healing Security Updates. DeepSec and ACROS Security Introduce a Platform for Micropatches

Sanna/ October 20, 2016/ Conference, Development, Schedule, Security, Training

As soon as a security gap in an computer application is made public the anxious wait begins. Whether it is software for your own network, online applications or apps for your mobile devices, as a user you will quickly become aware of your own vulnerability. The nervousness increases. When will the vendor publish the security update? In the meanwhile is there anything you can do to reduce the risks? Alternatively, how long can you manage without this certain software? To provide answers to these questions is the central point of security management. Some vendors have fixed dates for security updates. However, occasionally unscheduled updates take place, while some vendors wait quite a few years before they release another update. And this is only true for applications that are still in production or come with a support

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DeepSec 2016 – Thank you for all your submissions!

René Pfeiffer/ August 6, 2016/ Conference, Security

The DeepSec Call for Papers closed on 31 July 2016. We are currently reviewing the content. Thank you very much for your participation! The talks and workshops look awesome. We have a hard time deciding what will be part of the schedule and what has to be postponed. For everyone who has missed the deadline, you can  still submit your talk or training. However we will consider all the others first. Prepare for a fantastic DeepSec 2016!

DeepSec 2015 Schedule is almost stable & BSidesVienna CfP Deadline

René Pfeiffer/ September 7, 2015/ Administrivia, Conference

The schedule of DeepSec 2015 is almost done. We’re still reviewing submissions and talk to authors. We are confident to call the schedule stable soon. Until this happens, we will describe the presentations and trainings with a little more detail here. Take a good look, but don’t wait too long before booking a ticket. The workshops can only accommodate a limited amount of attendees. Don’t miss the opportunity! We also like to point out that the Call for Papers for the BSidesVienna event is ending on 15th September 2015! If you have interesting content, please submit!

DeepSec 2011 Schedule and Description of Talks/Workshops

René Pfeiffer/ August 23, 2011/ Conference

We’ve already published the preliminary schedule for DeepSec 2011. Most of the speakers have already confirmed their presence at the conference, but we are still waiting for e-mail. While preparing the schedule we’ve asked for more descriptions, and we will describe the talks and workshops in slightly more detail in the blog. We know that some of the titles deserve a closer look, especially since we got very interesting topics to talk about. During the next weeks we will dedicate a whole blog article to each and every slot in our schedule. Stay tuned! Please make sure that you don’t miss the early-bird rates. Tickets at reduced prices are still available until mid-September 2011!

Preliminary Schedule of DeepSec 2011 published

René Pfeiffer/ August 19, 2011/ Administrivia, Conference

Finally we have reviewed all your submissions, and we have published a preliminary schedule on our web site. We have not filled all workshop slots, because some of the workshop submissions are still under review and some submitters have been asked for further material. We wish to express our deepest thanks for your submissions! We received much more than we possibly can squeeze into the conference schedule, most of the material being absolutely new and of high interest. We had a hard time rejecting talks, so don’t be sad if you couldn’t make it this time. So, to everyone whose submission was rejected: We will contact you again. The topics range from encryption, attacking mobile devices, IT compliance management, SAP weaknesses (yes, SAP deployments can be attacked, really), cyber-peace (we’re curious as well), insights

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