DeepINTEL 2012 Review Articles

René Pfeiffer/ September 16, 2012/ Conference, Security Intelligence

The first DeepINTEL was very successful, and we enjoyed the presentations given and the many discussion that followed. While we will not disclose details or publish the slides of the talks, we would like to point you to reviews others have written. DeepINTEL 2012 by c-APT-ure DeepIntel 2012 – An Intelligent Security Conference DeepINTEL – Day one DeepINTEL – Day two Cybercrime – Who are the offenders? (Slides) Ergebnisse der IT-Sicherheitstagung DEEPINTEL am 3.3.2012 in Fuschl am See (in German) We definitely have some more ideas of how to tackle big data, how to identify and defend (in this order) digital assets, what „Cyberwar“ looks like, how to deal with threats and how to aquire information for analysing who’s after your data. Some of the topics with be described in more detail on our

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How to register for DeepINTEL

René Pfeiffer/ July 10, 2012/ Administrivia

The link to the online registration for DeepINTEL tickets has been activated. We’ve added a shiny IFRAME and a direct link on the DeepINTEL site. Since DeepINTEL is a bit different from DeepSec, here are the steps to your ticket. Contact us by sending your name and your affiliation. We start the vetting process and might ask for additional information. You get the code for your ticket. You register, get your ticket and send us your itinerary so we can take care of accommodation and your arrival. That’s about all you need. We already explained that the DeepINTEL event contains information and knowledge exchange which will not be reflected in public. This is why we provide a little exercise in data loss prevention (difficulty level easy ☺). Any presentation materials provided by the speakers

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Stealing Digital Assets with Knives

René Pfeiffer/ October 22, 2011/ Discussion, High Entropy

This article on the ElReg® web site caught my attention today. Police forces in England and Wales read the statistics stemming from crime reports more closely. They think to have found a correlation between the increase of robbery and robbery with knives and the demand for smartphones to sell on the black market. The stolen devices could now be in demand for the hardware (probably), the software (doubtful) or the identity information stored on them (what about this, then?). The protection level of personal data and identity information is quite low for most phone owners. Of course, there are „lies, damned lies and statistics“ and you have to be careful to draw conclusions from a quick glance of a news article. Then again correlations is what you are interested in when building your radar.

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SecInt: Radar for Anti-Security Movement

René Pfeiffer/ July 7, 2011/ High Entropy, Press, Security

We have been talking to some journalists in the past weeks. Most questions revolved around the rise in attacks against well-known web sites and their companies (or vice versa). Jeffrey Carr has published a good source for an overview of Anti-Security groups. If you are looking what to put on your radar, his article might be a good start. Security intelligence is gathering importance. Make sure that you don’t drown in tools or gadgets, and that you don’t neglect your strategic view. Quite a lot of people are confused by the many reports of incidents, „lulz“, „LOLs“, scanty slogans when it comes to motivations of attackers, damage reports, panic and media mind disruption (always remember: anonymous ≠ Anonymous). Currently we’re working on material to put the threats into perspective. It’s hard to distinguish the

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