Talk: Design and Implementation of a Secure Encryption-Layer for Skype Voice-Calls

René Pfeiffer/ October 14, 2011/ Conference

You probably use communication tools that transport the voice/messaging data over the Internet. We’re not speaking about e-mail, but about recent software of the information age – Skype. Skype is widely used for audio/video chats around the world. Its security is shrouded in proprietary mystery and many urban legends exist. In 2006 Philippe Biondi and Fabrice Desclaux analysed the Skype network and its security in their talk „Silver Needle in the Skype“. Since end users can neither create their own cryptographic keys nor see the ones that are actually used, the network has always the capability of eavesdropping on calls. It is not clear if this capability is used or abused at all, but the risk is present. As with eavesdropping in mobile phone networks the communication partners will be totally oblivious, and neither

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