Recordings and Slides from DeepSec 2013

René Pfeiffer/ December 12, 2013/ Administrivia, Conference

We are still dealing with the administrative tasks of DeepSec 2013, and we would like to give a short update on the publication of the slides. We have published all PDFs from the talks on our web server. Some speakers are still refining their documents. We will add them to the collection as soon as we get the files. There are audio and video recordings as well. Both are in post-production in order to ensure that the content is ok and everything works (we had some troubles with broken media files and storage containers in the past). We will put the audio recordings on our web site, too. The videos will be published on our Vimeo account soon. So, thank you for attending and speaking at DeepSec 2013! We hope to see you again

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Some Slides from DeepSec 2009

René Pfeiffer/ June 24, 2011/ Administrivia, Conference

Some of you might already noticed the videos from the DeepSec 2009 conference on Vimeo. Sadly we don’t have all the slides for all talks, but here are some documents from our archive. #TwitterRisks: Bot C&C, Data Loss, Intel Collection & More by Ben Feinstein – Slides Dynamic Binary Instrumentation for Deobfuscation and Unpacking by Daniel Reynaud and Jean-Yves Marion – Slides Windows Secure Kernel Development by Fermin J. Serna – Slides Stoned déjà vu – again by Peter Kleissner – Slides Key Management Death Match? Competing KM Standards Technical Deep Dive by Marc Massar – Slides USB Device Drivers: A Stepping Stone into your Kernel by Moritz Jodeit and Martin Johns – Slides eKimono: Detecting Rootkits inside Virtual Machine by Nguyen Anh Quynh – Slides Ownage 2.0 by Saumil Shah – Slides