DeepSec welcomes Digital Guardian as Sponsor for 2017

René Pfeiffer/ May 11, 2017/ Conference, Security

No event can be done with supporters, and so we welcome Digital Guardian as sponsor for the upcoming DeepSec 2017 conference! If you have data in your organisation, then you might be interested in talking to Digital Guardian’s experts, because they know a lot about what data does, where it lives, what endpoints really are, how you protect it, and how you keep exclusive access to it. Since data is code on most computing architectures, there’s a double benefit. Digital Guardian is a next generation data protection platform purpose built to stop data theft. The Digital Guardian platform performs across the corporate network, traditional endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications to make it easier to see and stop all threats to sensitive data. For more than 10 years, it has enabled data-rich organizations to

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René Pfeiffer/ September 27, 2016/ Conference, Security

We welcome the Computer Emergency Response Team Austria as a support of DeepSec 2016! is the primary contact point for IT-security in a national context. will coordinate other CERTs operating in the area of critical infrastructure or communication infrastructure. When it comes to incident response, the coordination of any information regarding the event is crucial. fulfils this role since 2008. In addition is actively involved in security research. Minibis is a tool for automatically building an automated malware analysis station based on a concept introduced in the paper “Mass Malware Analysis: A Do-It-Yourself Kit”. Have a chat with them during the conference. They will host demonstrations and let you see their software tools in action. Of course, in case you ever have to handle incidents you should talk to them

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DeepSec welcomes Google as Sponsor for the next Conference

René Pfeiffer/ June 18, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference

We are proud and happy to announce Google as sponsor for DeepSec 2016! Google has been a supporter of DeepSec in the past. While we may not need to introduce Google to you, we would like to point out that they have a very capable security team and that members of their researchers have held presentations at DeepSec conferences. Google staff is often around, so take the advantage and talk to them.

Thanks to SEC Consult for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

René Pfeiffer/ November 9, 2015/ Conference

The Austrian SEC Consult is an international leader in application security services and information security consultancy. SEC Consult’s competence in improving the application security of enterprise applications supports major international banks, government organizations and global software vendors. When it comes to information security, it doesn’t get any more in-depth than that. SEC Consult has supported DeepSec ever since the first conference in 2007. We are very grateful for their contribution, and we appreciate their serious attitude when it comes to finding vulnerabilities or educating IT staff how to avoid making mistakes. Sec Consult staff will be at the conference. Make sure to drop by their booth and have a chat with them. They don’t avoid questions, and they always listen when you speak your mind. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Thanks to University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

René Pfeiffer/ October 23, 2015/ Conference

Since information security experts don’t grow on trees, we maintain close relationships to academic partners. The science in computer science has to come from somewhere. So we are very happy to welcome the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria among the supporters of DeepSec 2015. The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is a national leader in its field. They offer internationally recognised, practice-oriented degree programmes at four locations in the heart of Upper Austria. As part of their commitment to developing international links, they maintain contacts with some 200 partner universities around the world. How’s that for an open mind? One of their major focuses is the national economy, and their research and development centres are continually developing cutting edge products for a wide range of practical applications. This solid combination of theory and

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Thanks to for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

René Pfeiffer/ October 22, 2015/ Conference

The Austrian Computer Emergency Response Team ( is the primary contact point for IT-security in a national context. When things go wrong and point to organisations, companies, or private persons in Austria, then can help. Their team is instrumental in informing businesses about incidents, thus helping IT staff to respond quickly to attacks. When it comes to fixing the damage and removing compromised hosts from the Internet, you want every bit of information as soon as possible. There you go. is a long-time supporter of DeepSec events. We are glad to welcome them among the sponsors of DeepSec 2015! Make sure to pay them a visit, because they always present cool stuff at their booth. They are keen to answer your questions, so bring loads of them. Also bring coffee, because you

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Thanks to UBIT Vienna for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

René Pfeiffer/ October 22, 2015/ Conference

The Austrian Economic Chambers are the voice of Austrian companies and support their business throughout the years. The specialist group UBIT Vienna is the professional association of business consulting, accountants and IT service provider within the Viennese Chamber of Commerce. With around 20,000 members UBIT is one of the largest Austrian trade groups. The services and consulting activities of UBITs members form an important basis for securing and further developing the business location Vienna. The rapid growth of this specialist group reflects the importance of the three occupational groups UBIT consists of: Around 65% of UBIT members work as one-person companies and nearly half of the companies were founded in the last five years. UBIT Vienna is supporting the DeepSec 2015 conference. Get in touch with their representatives attending DeepSec if you look for

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Thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

René Pfeiffer/ October 20, 2015/ Conference

When it comes to information security, Microsoft has a lot of stories to tell. The Windows® platform is widely deployed and used all over the world. A lot of exploits exist for this system. Being well-known has it disadvantages. For all of you who have followed the Way of Disclosure, you will certainly remember that there were a lot of discussions on Bugtraq and other forums about vulnerabilities and how to publish them. Those were the days of RFPolicy by Rain Forest Puppy (and before). Microsoft sponsors the DeepSec conference since the first day. Members of the Microsoft Security Team have attended our conference regularly. So if you like to get in touch, drop by and talk to them. As they put it during DeepSec 2007, they have learned to listen. Take advantage of

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