Zombies at the Hospital

René Pfeiffer/ October 31, 2012/ High Entropy, Security

It’s 31 October, so we have to talk about these zombies. You know them from the horror films. Dead, evil, and always hungry for brains (the latter also being true for any self-respecting HR department). Security researchers know a different kind of zombie. A zombie computer is a machine or device infected by a computer virus. It is considered compromised and contains additional features such as information retrieval, remote access or anything else you can put into code. Usually this is undesirable and fought with anti-virus software or (even better) strict security procedures. Now let’s combine the two types of zombies and add a spiffy virus outbreak into the mix. To go even further cinematic we use a hospital as the stage. Too unrealistic? On the contrary, hospitals do have a virus and zombie

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