Talk: Intelligent Bluetooth fuzzing – Why bother?

René Pfeiffer/ September 21, 2011/ Conference, Security

Bluetooth devices and software implementations have been a fruitful playground for security researchers for years. You probably remember the PoC code from the and other bugs dragged out into the open. Riding public transport often led to Bluetooth scanning with tools such as Blooover. But that’s all past and gone. Software has evolved. Developers have learned. Modern quality assurance won’t let this happen again. Sadly this is fiction. Tommi Mäkilä has some stories to share about the state of Bluetooth: „Bluetooth robustness is wretched, no surprise there. Bluetooth test results from plugfests show 80% failure rate, eight out of ten tests end with a crash. It is not pretty, it is sad and frustrating. For a moment, few years back, there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel: the failures

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