DeepSec 2016 Talk: 802.11 Complexity. An Introduction to 802.11 Protocol Chaos – Andrés Blanco

Sanna/ September 20, 2016/ Conference, Internet, Security

Do you remember the days of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)? One might almost say security design was bad back then. The question is: Has it really improved? Proper encryption and authentication is only a part of the design. In the case of wireless networking there is a whole lot more to consider. Shooting clients off the network is still possible. Penetration testers can tell you much more about the quirks and weaknesses of wireless protocols. This is why we asked Andrés Blanco to give a presentation about the state of wireless affairs. WiFi is everywhere and everyone is using it everyday. Employees connect to enterprise networks using their mobile devices, and later the same day to a WiFi network at a coffee shop or their home network. WiFi networks give users mobility and wire-less

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