Hacking Transportation Devices – 0wning Cars!

René Pfeiffer/ March 17, 2011/ Security, Stories

Last Summer we published a short article about an experimental study of modern car sensors systems and their security. Researches took a modern car, connected to the internal data bus and tried to do some hacking. They were able to manipulate on-board systems up to controlling the brakes and the engines. The study shows that once you have access to the (internal) network, you can do things that were most probably never anticipated by the designers. Arguably the risks of these kind of attacks is rather low – for now. However if you think about the Internet, software working in networked environments or the plethora of devices that can be connected to computers, then the number of attack vectors increases. This is not breaking news. You can see this trend in the wonderful world

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In-Depth Security Conference DeepSec Tackles Mobile Data Assaults

René Pfeiffer/ July 17, 2010/ Press

Vienna – it’s the 4th time that the international IT security conference DeepSec calls the world’s elite from the sectors Network-Security and Hacking together. From the 23rd until the 26th of November 2010 the conference focuses on mobile security (for users and gadgets alike) and Next Generation Infrastructure. „After the success of DeepSec 2009 we try once again to present exciting and controversial topics.  It’s our aim as a neutral platform to bring Hacker-Community, IT- and Security companies, users, government agencies and researchers together to interact and exchange experience and thoughts in workshops and talks.”, prompts René Pfeiffer – one of DeepSec’s organisers. The call for papers is still going until the 31st of July and young security researchers can register for  special support in this year’s U21 programme (U21 means under 21 years

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