Talk: An online Game Trojan Framework from China Underground Market

René Pfeiffer/ September 14, 2011/ Conference

Malware infecting computers always serves a purpose. Zombies, as infected systems are called, usually connect to a Command & Control channel and receive their orders from the owners of the zombie herd. Malicious software can also be used as a tool for retrieving information. Some of these tools are specialised and look for specific data such as login credentials. At DeepSec 2011 Hermes Li will explain how a trojan horse designed for stealing user information is installed, how it works and give a short introduction into the Chinese underground market. The talk will also discuss parts of the code, DLL injection and the packer encryption. There is a market for most stolen data. When it comes to games there is even real money in data trafficking. In-game goods (items, currencies, …) can be sold,

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Talk: Insight Into the Russian Black Market

René Pfeiffer/ September 7, 2011/ Conference

You have all heard the term cybercrime, and you have heard about all things cybercrime – stolen credentials, data theft, fraud, blackmail and more. You may have heard the there are markets for goods connected to computer crime. You may have heard that there’s a lot of money in it (enough to pay off the national debts of most states including the USA, if you total all reports on damages by cybercrime). As usual the problems lie in connecting the dots. What are the mechanisms behind these black markets? What are the goods? Who pays for them and by which means? Surely you cannot just walk into a chat room, drop your credit card number and part with the digital loot, or can you? What if you end up being a trade object yourself?

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