DeepSec 2023 Talk: The Attacker Mindset: Practical Lessons from the Field – Yossi Sassi

Sanna/ September 1, 2023/ Conference

Occasionally we come across the expression “attacker mindset”, yet without properly understanding what it means in practice. What does it REALLY mean? Is it a different way of thinking? Planning? Improvising? Or execution? Or maybe all of the above? We’ll dive into some practical examples & hands-on demos to understand what this term actually means, from an engagement perspective. We asked Yossi a few more questions about his talk. Please tell us the top 5 facts about your talk. Based on real-world engagements at dozens of customers worldwide, four continents, including Fortune 100 companies. Learn how to “think” like an adversary, not just hear about tools & techniques. Various hands-on demos to demonstrate the session topic. Cool research and code from self exploration. Gain overall insights, whether you are a Red or Blue teamer

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