Securing Walled Gardens

René Pfeiffer/ May 31, 2012/ Discussion, Security

Setting up walled gardens around fancy mobile devices (and probably other computers) is very fashionable among vendors. In theory there is a controlled environment where malicious software is virtually unknown. The vendor can implement a strict quality assurance and can tether any aberrant developers to policies. Since a wall is a fundamental security device the vendor gets the psychological bonus of users feeling protected. So with all security issues solved there is no need to break out of the walled garden, right? How do you explain this tweet about the newly released Absinthe jailbreak then? @chronicdevteam: Some stats since release of #Absinthe – 211,401 jailbroken iPad3’s and 973,086 devices newly jailbroken! If walled gardens are so perfect, why do millions of users want to break out? Paul Ducklin has explored this phenomenon in an

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