DeepSec 2022 Talk: Faking at Level 1 – How Digital Twins Save Your PLCs – Thomas Weber

Sanna/ August 29, 2022/ Conference

Every year, many big and small incidents in industrial environments, like power plants, factories, or food supply, find their way into newspapers. All those affected industries are backed by highly branched and historically grown Operational Technology (OT) networks. A sizeable portion of such incidents would have been avoidable, if network segmentation was done correctly and patches for user devices (not always possible in OT) were installed.Despite such known problems, that also lead to the compromise of traditional IT networks, a bunch of unknown vulnerabilities are unfortunately also present in OT infrastructure. OT in modern factories contains of networked (and smart) devices, especially on level 1, also called the control level, of the Purdue model. Devices, like PLCs, industrial router/switches, data diodes, and more, cannot be easily tested if they are in use by the

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DeepSec 2019 Talk: 30 CVEs in 30 Days – Eran Shimony

Sanna/ November 12, 2019/ Conference

In recent years, the most effective way to discover new vulnerabilities is considered to be fuzzing. We will present a complementary approach to fuzzing. By using this method, which is quite easy, we managed to get over 30 CVEs across multiple major vendors in only one month. Some things never die. In this session, we’ll show that a huge amount of software is still vulnerable to DLL Hijacking and Symlinks abuse and may allow attackers to escalate their privileges or to DoS a machine. We will show how we generalized these two techniques within an automated testing system called Ichanea, with the aim of finding new vulnerabilities. Our mindset was – choose software that is prone to be vulnerable: Installers, update programs, and services. These types of software are often privileged. Therefore, they are

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