DeepSec 2013 Talk: Europe In The Carna Botnet – Telnet’s Threat To The Largest Economy

René Pfeiffer/ September 21, 2013/ Conference, Security

Botnets have been around since 1999. These herds of networked and compromised systems (called zombies) are the tool of the trade for many groups. It’s the  zombie outbreak of the information age. The analysis of existing botnets is an important task of security researchers around the globe. The study of the malware involved, the infection process and the inter-node communication of the infected systems is crucial for the dismantling of the botnet. Therefore we are happy to present Parth Shukla’s talk on the Carna botnet. It was created by an anonymous hacker to create a census of the (IPv4) Internet. Parth has been analysing the devices that formed part of the Carna Botnet. The data concerning the devices was provided by the anonymous researcher. He has distributed the relevant data to many CERTs and

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