Talk: Hacking Digital Measuring Devices

We just listened to the talk by Franz Lehner about „Hacking Digital Measuring Devices“. Smart meters are ubiquitous. A lot of measuring devices have turned digital and are composed of a small CPU with some memory and connections to sensors or data outlets. Calibration is always involved when you measure something. Having access to the calibration mode/commands of a smart meter can change your bills, supply false readings to operators and can even be ramped up to be a security risk. Think vapour/liquid pressure, temperature, speed, humidity, power, etc. Usually you rely on the output of sensors, right?

Talk about Smart Meters at BSidesVienna / Ninjacon.

Franz Lehner talking about Smart Meters.

Smart meters is something to watch very closely. Again there’s a link to cars (which use smart meters for measuring the speed and other parameters), then there’s a link to the power grid, and there a dozens of more fields where the digitalisation changes the way things are measured. If there is data, someone will try to manipulate it, rest assured.

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