Thanks for attending DeepSec 2011!

René Pfeiffer/ November 18, 2011/ Conference

The DeepSec 2011 has ended. We enjoyed meeting all of you and hope to have fulfilled our role as a catalyst. We had some great talks, great discussions, and shared thoughts, insights and different views concerning security and insecurity alike. We hope your professional paranoia doesn’t keep you from getting sleep.

We will follow the press coverage in our blog and link to articles. Golem has produced video interviews which will be published soon. Our own video team will retreat to the rendering farm and post-process the raw video data. As soon as we have collected all slides from our speakers, we will put them to the archive (and publish the link).

We thank all the speakers for the superb material they presented! Without talks there would be no DeepSec at all.

We thank our sponsors Google, RIM, McAfee, Microsoft, SEC Consult, and FH Hagenberg.

We thank all participants for attending, and we thank all our staff for running DeepSec 2011 as smooth as possible: Thanks kyrah, Ralf, Grisu, Albert, astera, Neodym, Oggi, Phileas, Fx, Daniel, Lukas, Christian, Eva, Dominik, red, naxx, x4lt; a very special thank you goes to Manuela (a.k.a. RegDesk) for keeping the herd of cats together and organising speaker arrival, accommodation and interview together with our PR agency.

Thanks and see you in 2012!

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