Thanks for your Submissions for DeepSec 2019! Schedule is coming up soon.

René Pfeiffer/ August 1, 2019/ Call for Papers, Conference

Thank you for your wonderful work and your submissions for DeepSec 2019! We know that preparing an abstract is a lot of work (given that you had lots of work before in order to be able to write a summary). 2019 has broken the old record. We have received more submissions for presentations and workshops than we can stuff into the current two-day conference. We would need two weeks to present all the content your submitted.

We did a lot of reviewing in the the past weeks, but give us some more days to sort everything out. Judging from your abstracts DeepSec 2019 will be great again! 😅

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System administrator, lecturer, hacker, security consultant, technical writer and DeepSec organisation team member. Has done some particle physics, too. Prefers encrypted messages for the sake of admiring the mathematical algorithms at work.