Thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

Microsoft LogoWhen it comes to information security, Microsoft has a lot of stories to tell. The Windows® platform is widely deployed and used all over the world. A lot of exploits exist for this system. Being well-known has it disadvantages. For all of you who have followed the Way of Disclosure, you will certainly remember that there were a lot of discussions on Bugtraq and other forums about vulnerabilities and how to publish them. Those were the days of RFPolicy by Rain Forest Puppy (and before).

Microsoft sponsors the DeepSec conference since the first day. Members of the Microsoft Security Team have attended our conference regularly. So if you like to get in touch, drop by and talk to them. As they put it during DeepSec 2007, they have learned to listen. Take advantage of it, and tell them what you think.

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