The workshops have started!

René Pfeiffer/ November 23, 2010/ Administrivia

We’re near the end of the first day of workshops. We got a smooth start and the mood is great. Wi-Fi is up and running, we got a radio uplink with 32 MBit/s in both directions.¹

The GSM guys have their demonstration set-up up and running. We suspect the social engineering goes well (we can’t tell, we only see smiling faces and awfully nice persons in there). Our ISP enabled Marc to set-up the 6to4 tunnel for the IPv6 security/pentesting workshop. Mariano teaches his class how to determine if their (or your) business-critical SAP implementation is secure.

If you are a really late booker, we still accept registrations for the conference, either by our online ticketing service or by

¹ When on site, look for ESSIDs DeepSec2010, DeepSec2010a, DeepSec2010g and DeepSec2010N (no encryption, bring your own).

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