Timeless elegance: DeepSec T-Shirts 2011

Sanna/ June 25, 2013/ Administrivia, High Entropy

Somewhere it’s still 2011. In another dimension it’s probably always Monday.

ANYWAY — for those of you who want to wear a garment of timeless elegance we have the very T-Shirt:

DeepSec T-Shirt 2011 proudly presented by our favourite model, Mme Cyberduck.


deep sec 2011_front


Wow, look at this imprint


deepsec 2011_back

– neat, isn’t it?

T- Shirt can be ordered either via e-mail

Price: 25€ (VAT excluded) + shipping costs
Payment: Prepay, either via Paypal or Credit Card

or you can get them at our next conference, DeepSec 2013.
C u!


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