Update on DeepSec / DeepINTEL / ROOTS 2020 with regards to Covid-19

René Pfeiffer/ May 2, 2020/ Administrivia, Discussion, High Entropy

Bio reactor, source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bioreaktor_quer2.jpgLacking time travel we have no way to know what will happen in November 2020. That’s not news to us. We closely follow the development of the current Covid-19 crisis, and we constantly evaluate our plans for DeepSec, DeepINTEL, and ROOTS 2020. Given the current state of affairs and the experiments in various countries (including Austria) with lowering the restrictions for business and public life, we believe that our conferences can take place in November. There may be restrictions still present in November with regard to travel and protection measures at our venue. We have developed a schedule for keeping you informed. Additionally we have plans for changing the schedule in order to guarantee the minimum level of content required by our call for papers process. Updates regarding the state of our events in November will be published on our blog on a monthly basis.

Most of our content does not work via remote access, teleconferencing, or video/audio streams. Nevertheless we plan to create infrastructure for relaying content and conducting video/audio conferencing via the Internet. We intend to offer teleconferencing methods to our trainers, so that trainings can be done with a mixture of on-site and remote attendees. If and to which extent a training can make use of the additional infrastructure is decided by our trainers.

Our monthly reminder: The call for papers are open! If you have submissions of content and presentations, please submit as early as possible. The submission form will stay open at least until 31 July 2020.

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