Wanted: Great Content™ for BSidesLondon! Can you help out?

René Pfeiffer/ March 11, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

BSidesLondon is coming up. Grab your calendar, mark the dates, and think about content to submit! The Call for Papers runs until 28 March. BSidesLondon is a community-driven event, so it’s up to the infosec community to fill it with decent talks about all things cyber, shiny, and broken (by design). We are looking forward to see a great schedule after the CfP ends. Make it happen!

And for all you graphic geeks out there, BSidesLondon needs a logo. The deadline was yesterday, so check out the submissions and have a vote.

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System administrator, lecturer, hacker, security consultant, technical writer and DeepSec organisation team member. Has done some particle physics, too. Prefers encrypted messages for the sake of admiring the mathematical algorithms at work.


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