Workshops, Trainings, Talks: DeepSec and ROOTS Schedule Update

René Pfeiffer/ September 20, 2017/ Administrivia, Conference

As you might have noticed, the DeepSec schedule is not complete yet. Furthermore the ROOTS schedule is not published at all. The reason for this are the still pending reviews. The major part concerns ROOTS. ROOTS is an academic workshop where academic publications are presented. There has been some confusion about the term workshop. In the context of ROOTS this means presentations. This is why we have replaced the word workshops on the DeepSec web site and in (hopefully) all texts with the word training. Trainings are the two-day, well, trainings in advance of the DeepSec conference days. ROOTS features presentations, also called workshops in ROOTS-context, as does the DeepSec conference (on the conference days).

So we have trainings (the two-day training courses; one, the ARM exploit laboratory is for three days, be careful) and presentations. Some ROOTS submissions were not about academic publications, but were really proposals for trainings. We are currently working everything out, collect reviews, and votes on all submissions. Given that the DeepSec schedule is already filled and that the ROOTS reviews take more time (because of content and size of the programme committee), there are some slots left. Soon we have everything sorted out.

And since DeepINTEL is taking place during the next two days, please bear with us. We will update the schedule as soon as possible.

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