Thank you all for attending and speaking at DeepSec 2018!

René Pfeiffer/ December 3, 2018/ Conference, Security

Stickers at the DeepSec registration desk, courtesy of Florian Stocker <>.

At the registration desk.

DeepSec 2018 is over. Thank you for attending and presenting at our conference! Without your interest and your configuration there would be no talks, no workshops, and no one else present.We had a great time, and we hope you enjoyed everything. We are now dealing with the administrative backlog, the metric ton of receipts, the post-processing of the video recordings, and lots of other things. Among the tasks is the feedback you gave us. We will try to improve, so the next DeepSec conference will feature some or all of your suggestions.

Dates for DeepSec and DeepINTEL 2019 will be available soon. We will publish this information on Twitter, on our web site, and on our blog.

As for the video recordings, please give us some time. The post-production has to deal with the lighting conditions at the hotel (which will improve for the next conference, promised).

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